Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bikini Butt Workout

I wanted to share 3 plateau shattering exercises along with a couple important things to remember when building a firm booty.

1.       Do a full squat – How low can you go? The lower you squat, the more range of muscles you’ll work resulting in a bigger, rounder, firmer rear.

2.       Split Squats – Another awesome exercise to shape and firm your booty. Split squats will also target your abs and hamstrings. Remember to go as low as possible in the downward position, also lengthening the step you take will put an added emphasis on your hamstrings for optimal results.

3.       Step Ups – Targeting your entire lower body and it will absolutely kill those calories. The higher the step you take, the more thorough your exercise and the more you’ll be working those gluites.

These aren’t necessarily exercises to do every single workout, just every once in a while to help you get through a plateau.

*Keep in mind that running isn’t the number 1 cardio choice when you’re end goal is a round firm butt. Running will actually flatten out your body. I would suggest incline walking or stair stepping as an alternative.

Another thing to consider is your calorie intake, if you don’t have much shape to your butt to begin with, a couple extra hundred extra calories added to your diet each day will aid in building more muscle mass; if you’re burning more calories than you intake, you can’t build muscle. If you’re more concerned with toning your butt, consider cutting back on some calories or being more selective about the type of calories you’re in-taking. 

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